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We showcased our product at India's one of the most prestigiuos business fairs - MSME Odisha Trade fair 2016.



We see the future. Its Beautiful - Clean - Green. Lets work towards acheiving it.

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Welcome to iOKE MOTORS

Ioke in Greek mythology depicts the female personification of energy, a force to reckon with. We, at iOKE MOTORS, strive to excel with this very force to provide mobility solutions to the needy. We believe in alternate sources of energy to drive the future with electricity holding the key. Innovation, frugal engineering and low cost automation- the three pillars to drive the future of our products.
iOKE MOTORS is an Electric Powered Vehicles Manufacturing Company, founded in 2014 which provides affordable Electric Powered Mobility Solutions. The first innovative product to come up from iOKE MOTORS is the AEGLE™ Series Powered Wheelchairs. iOKE MOTORS has been instrumental in keeping the design and production in house. With a global aim to live in a GREENER, CLEANER and BETTER world, iOKE MOTORS strives to CREATE THE CHANGE.

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